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Books that Changed My Life. Part 1.

By: PaigeHatalyn

I've read some absolutely BORING books in my 17 years of living, but that's not what we're here for.

Today, I'm going into the books that saved me, and why.

Smoke From This Altar by Louis L'amour

This book is one of my all time favorites, It's his first book. He goes on a journey in this book of poetry. I bought this book and a bookstore for about $3.00, it should cost more, because it's phenomenal. I usually like books and poems filled with lots of emotion, and although L'amour was known best for his western classics, this books appeals to me in so many ways. I don't wanna spill, because of course I want you to read it.

If I, between two suns, should go away,
No voice would lift to ask another why,
No word would question my retreat, nor sigh,
Nor wonder why I'd chosen not to stay;
For I'm a stranger here, of other clay -
Excerpt from "Smoke From This Altar"

That's only a part of that poem, but isn't it beautiful? It's my favorite. That poem specifically changed my life. When I was lonely and felt like I had no friends, I read that. I felt like that poem was me, and in my eyes that's what poetry is all about.

2. 2 Fish by Jhene Aiko

Not only am I a fan of Aiko's music, but her book "2 Fish" is amazing. She talks about love, loss of love, being in and out of love and etc. She touches on insecurities, losing her brother and her journey on drugs. It's always inspiring to see women be vulnerable, and open about their emotional roller coaters.

new highs
followed by
new lows
all for the balance
i suppose
Excerpt from "2 Fish" by Aiko
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